Tuesday, September 1, 2020

Handwriting vs Typing


Do you handwrite or type? Obviously, you must eventually type whatever you have written down in order to publish a book or post on a blog, but do you handwrite first?

I choose typing over handwriting for several reasons:

1. I have terrible handwriting (maybe it’s because I’m left-handed).

2. My hand gets tired and cramped easily.

3. My thoughts run faster than I can write. However, I am a pretty fast typist and therefore can keep up with my thoughts.


When my stepchildren were in high school, they told me they learned that handwriting is best. It is useful for visual learners, can be artful, and helps you avoid distractions. It also is supposed to improve literacy and reading comprehension since your brain is forced to mentally engage with the information. I find that interesting. 

However, I will continue to type. The only thing I use handwriting for is journaling, unless I have to quickly jot down some notes when I’m away from my laptop.

How do you write?

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