Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Featured Children's Book
Does your child resist bath time? When you were a child, did you resist bath time? When I was growing up, I liked taking baths but didn’t like to stop playing to come inside and get in the tub. Airabella is like that child who doesn’t like taking baths…only she is a unicorn! 

Airabella, a sweet and fun unicorn, gets dirty one day after falling into a mud puddle. She does not listen when her mother tells her she needs a bath. She just does not want to take a bath!

This cute story was created by a six-year-old!! That’s right, Addalynn Sanders is only six, but she came up with this fun story and her mother put it into writing so she could publish it. Addalynn loves unicorns and you will too after you read this book!

Find out what happens to a muddy Airabella in this sweet story by purchasing this book on Amazon for your Kindle or as a hard copy. Don’t forget to leave a review!

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  1. That you so much for this!! I’m so glad you enjoyed it.