Friday, November 20, 2020

Christmas Books for Children!

Authors should support each other…always. We should not strive to be in competition with one on another but strive to market our own books and sell our own while at the same time showing support to our fellow authors.

How can we support others? Easy. Share posts about their books or websites, download their books on Kindle if you have Kindle Unlimited (or purchase a copy!) and leave positive reviews on Amazon and Goodreads. That’s it!

Today I am supporting a few authors by telling you about their books. Why these books? Because Christmas is nearing, and I have read all of these children’s books and I highly recommend them. They make great Christmas gifts for those special children in your life.

The Elf for Himself, written by Marie Agerton, and published by Two Girls and a Reading Corner, is an adorable rhyming book for kids. This little elf wants to keep all the toys he makes for himself, rather than let Santa give them to boys and girls. Will the elf learn a lesson on giving, or will he keep the toys for himself?  Find out by reading this fun book!!

Sophie’s First Snow was written by Mandy Leigh – author and owner of Two Girls and a Reading Corner (also a very special friend of mine as well as my publisher).

Sophie is a little girl who wakes up one morning to…SNOW!! Oh how fun the snow is! Sophie and her mom bundle up and play outside in the snow all day. This story will warm your heart and get your kids excited for Christmas…and SNOW!

A Christmas Kitten for Max was written by an author friend of mine, Lindsay DeRollo, and published by Two Girls and a Reading Corner. What a cute and fun story about a cat who isn’t a fan of the new kitten that comes into his home one day. Will Max accept this kitten as his friend, or will he choose to continue to try in every way to boot her out of the house? Max ends up learning a great lesson. Find out what happens by reading this adorable book!

A Nose for Teddy, written by Tracy Kushwaha, and published by Two Girls and a Reading Corner, is an adorable story about a cute teddy bear who longs for someone to love him...and a new nose. Meet Teddy by reading this fun-loving children's book!


These are all just a few fun Christmas books that children will love. So hop on Amazon and order your copy today!